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In the latest setback for Boeing, a FedEx Airlines cargo plane was forced to make an emergency landing at Istanbul Airport in Turkey without its front landing gear.

This latest malfunction adds to the growing list of technical failures associated with Boeing planes.

The aircraft, FedEx Express Flight 6268, a Boeing 767, was en route from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport to Istanbul when the crew discovered that the front landing gear would not deploy, Reuters reported.

The plane alerted Turkish air traffic control, which prompted immediate ground preparations, including the deployment of airport rescue and fire teams to the runway.

Video footage captures the moment of the emergency landing—sparks flying and smoke rising from the front of the plane as it scraped along the runway before coming to a stop. Firefighters promptly doused the aircraft with firefighting foam. Fortunately, no injuries were reported.

According to Turkish news channel TRT Haber, the cargo plane “was dragged 370 meters on the track and the teams intervened in 15 seconds.”

Despite the malfunction, the Boeing 767 managed to remain on the runway during the emergency landing. The runway was temporarily closed to air traffic, but traffic on other runways continued without interruption, according to Istanbul Airport operator IGA.

According to Mirror, Istanbul Airport operator IGA said, “The accident was taken under control without any loss of life with the immediate intervention of the İGA Istanbul Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting team (ARFF), which was ready on the runway before the controlled landing on the fuselage.”

“IGA Istanbul Airport Rescue and ARFF continues its efforts to move the aircraft to a safe area and open the runway to flight traffic. Flight traffic and operations continue smoothly on all other runways, including the spare runways.”

Authorities have launched an investigation into the incident. An official from the Turkish Transport Ministry stated that no specific reason for the failure has yet been identified, according to Fox Business.


These recurring issues with various Boeing models, including the 767 and the 737 Max, point to DEI practices, systemic safety failures, and a troubling lack of oversight in manufacturing and quality assurance processes

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