Anti-Israel Graduates Stand Up and SCREAM and CHANT “Shut It Down” During Washington University’s Commencement Ceremony – Drowning Out the Chancellor | The Gateway Pundit

Anti-Israel protesters SCREAM chants and disrupt the Washington University graduation ceremony on Monday. The pro-Gaza activists screamed for several minutes as the chancellor was speaking. Disgusting.

Pro-Palestinian Washington University graduates disrupted commencement speech by Chancellor Andrew Martin on Monday, ruining the experience for their fellow graduates.

The far-left protesters stood up and started screaming and chanting, “Shut it down!” during Chancellor Martin’s talk.

Their fellow students tried desperately to ignore the young Marxists.

Wouldn’t you just LOVE to hire one of these young Marxists at your company?

It’s interesting that local NPR reporter took the video put ignored this episode in his report. It’s almost as if he was purposely attempting to hide the truth from the St. Louis readers?

How weird?

The anti-Israel protesters were also blocking the street by the campus! Anything to make someone else’s life as miserable as their own.

Entitled, selfish leftists.