Breaking: House Democrats Vote UNANIMOUSLY to Give Illegal Aliens Representation in Congress and the Electoral College | The Gateway Pundit

One of the many migrant caravans marching to the open US southern border.

Here we go… House Democrats on Wednesday night voted unanimously to give illegal aliens – including Joe Biden’s 11 million illegal border crossers – representation in Congress and the Electoral College.

Democrats continue to put Americans and American workers in line behind alien invaders.

The House vote was 206 to 202 with 22 representatives 11 Democrats and 11 Republicans abstaining from the vote.

Steven Miller reported: “House Dems just voted UNANIMOUSLY to give illegals representation in Congress AND the Electoral College. House Seats and Electoral College votes WILL BE added to areas with the most illegals (including all Biden illegals) unless Senate passes the bill. Invasion by design.”

The language of H.R.7109 is as follows: To require a citizenship question on the decennial census, to require reporting on certain census statistics, and to modify apportionment of Representatives to be based on United States citizens instead of all individuals.

Democrats in the Senate will not bring this to a vote thus giving illegals representation in Congress.

The Democrat Party is clearly lawless.