Corporate Media Ignores The Stock Market Hitting Historic 40,000 Under Biden

For the first time in history, the Dow Jones Industrial Average hit 40,000. It happened under Joe Biden, and some of the biggest corporate media outlets are ignoring it.

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President Biden posted a statement:

This is great news for Americans’ retirement accounts and another sign of confidence in America’s economy.

I’m building an economy from the middle out and bottom up – and our investments are making a difference.

It is great news, and it deserves a mention in newspapers like The New York Times and Washington Post.

Is it there?


As Dan Froomkin posted,  it is on the front page of the Wall Street Journal, but not the Times or the Post:

The rising market is really big news because the main Trump/GOP talking point against Biden’s economic agenda is that it is bad for the stock market. Trump spent years taking credit for the stock market as if it were the economy, and corporate media went along for the ride while echoing the ex-president’s self-praise.

In fact, The New York Times has run ten stories such as March, mostly on the rousing “success” of Trump’s Trump Media stock. As of the publication time of this story, how many articles have they run about the marker surging under Biden? That number would be zero.

Corporate media’s bias toward Biden and Trump can be subtle, but in this case, it is obvious. Good news about Biden gets buried, while criticism gets played up.