Creepy Biden Offers Marriage Recommendation: Decide a Household with 5 Sisters Or Extra…That Method One among Them At all times Loves You (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

Joe Biden on Friday welcomed mayors attending the US Convention of Mayors Winter Assembly to the East Room on the White Home.

Biden incoherently slurred his means by a speech to the mayors. He additionally began shouting out of nowhere.


At one level Biden threatened millions of Trump supporters, however he bungled that too.

“I love people who say, ‘THE BLOOD OF LIBERTY.’ Or, excuse me, ‘the tree of liberty is watered with the blood of patriots!’ Well, guess what, man. I didn’t see a whole lot of patriots that are out there walking around making sure that we have these weapons and if you really want to worry about the government, you need an F-16! [fighter jet]”

Biden additionally gave some creepy marriage recommendation.

“I tell every young man that’s telling me, ‘I’m thinking of getting married. You have any advice?’ I said, ‘Yeah, pick a family with five sisters or more,’” Biden stated slurring his phrases. “That way one of them always loves you!”