Goldman Sachs has raised its forecast for USD/JPY to 155 (from 145) (3 month horizon)

Goldman Sachs forecasts for USD/JPY:

  • 3 months 155 (the prior forecast for 3 months out was 145)
  • 6 months 150 (prior 142)
  • 12 months 145 (prior 140)

These are from a GS notice despatched to shopper on Friday.

GS cite a “benign macro risk environment” for its bearish view on yen. GS analysts also say they don’t expect rate cuts from the Federal Reserve to lift the yen:

  • “If anything, the anticipation of adjustment cuts has reduced the probability of the recession risks that tend to activate the yen’s safe-haven appeal.”

Over the previous many, many months Goldman Sachs have been a stand out amongst analysts in not anticipating a US recession, the agency has constantly had its recession chance forecast nicely underneath consensus.

USD/JPY replace as of Friday afternoon, US time:

ps. Take part on Monday morning Asia time / Sunday night US time when Asian markets react to this from Bostic: