Intel Stock Is Fairly Valued, But Long-Term Challenges Remain (INTC)

Broken supply chain

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I last covered Intel (NASDAQ:INTC) in January; I put out a Sell rating at the time, and since then, the stock has dropped ~35% in price. Now, I believe that the company is valued fairly, which has led me to revise

AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) AMD is known for high-performance computing products, including CPUs and GPUs
Nvidia Nvidia specializes in GPUs and AI computing. Nvidia is also a leader in AI hardware and software solutions.
TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) (TSM) TSMC is the world’s largest semiconductor foundry. It manufactures chips for major clients like Apple, AMD, and Nvidia.

FWD Revenue Growth 5Y Avg -1.18% 28.4% 26.22% 15.19%
FWD EPS Diluted Growth 5Y Avg -8.59% 34.38% 47.84% 15.78%
FWD Free Cash Flow Growth 5Y Avg -8.51% 40.79% 75.94% 14.88%
TTM Net Income Margin 5Y Avg 19.95% 29.22% 11.08% 38.48%
Equity-to-Asset Ratio 0.55 0.64 0.83 0.63
FWD P/E GAAP Ratio TTM = 32; FWD = Not meaningful 47.5 115 26
FWD P/S Ratio 2.5 24.75 10.5 8.5