LinkedIn’s Making its Automated ‘Accelerate’ Campaigns Available to All Brands

LinkedIn’s expanding access to its automated “Accelerate” campaigns, which utilize AI to effectively automate the entire campaign creation process.

LinkedIn Ai updates

Originally launched in limited testing last October, Accelerate campaigns scan the URL listed in your campaign set-up, along with your company’s LinkedIn presence, in order to build a recommended overview of your optimal LinkedIn campaign.  

As explained by LinkedIn:

In as little as five minutes, Accelerate will recommend an end-to-end campaign and automatic optimizations to reach the right B2B audience with engaging creatives, which you can adjust and fine-tune before you launch your campaign.”

So, again, the option essentially empowers LinkedIn’s AI systems to put together your full campaign. You simply provide a URL for the product that you want to promote, and the system will do the rest.

Which even expands to the creative elements, via the integration of Microsoft Designer.

LinkedIn Designer integration

As noted, LinkedIn began testing Accelerate with selected partners late last year, and it’s seen good response, which will now see it expand the option to all advertisers globally, beginning in English language.

It’s also adding new tools, like the option to integrate customer data and exclusion lists into your Accelerate campaign targeting, while it’s also expanding the capabilities of its AI marketing assistant, so you can pose more questions within the creation process.

The assistant will also provide recommendations on how to improve your campaign, from targeting to creative, making it a more useful and valuable tool.

It may feel a bit disconcerting, giving over full campaign control to an AI system, but the proof, in the end, will be in the results. LinkedIn says that Accelerate campaigns, thus far, have increased campaign creation efficiency by 15%, while also driving 52% lower cost per action, versus Classic campaigns.

It could be worth trying out.

LinkedIn says that Accelerate campaigns will be available to all advertisers globally “in the coming months”.