MLS Launches Latest Version of ‘Love Unites’ Pre-Match Tops in Time for Pride Month – SportsLogos.Net News

In time for Pride Month in June, Major League Soccer has launched the latest version of their “Love Unites” pre-match tops. And this time around, they got some high-profile help with the design.

MLS launched the jerseys on their social media channels on Wednesday, May 15. They were designed in collaboration with Pabllo Vittar, a drag queen and pop singer from Brazil who is widely viewed as a voice for the LGBTQ+ community in that country.

The tops, manufactured by Adidas, have a white base with a black ripple pattern. The edges of the pattern have an iridescent halftone gradient pattern with blue, red and yellow hues. “LOVE UNITES” appears in a gold rectangle on the chest.

The sleeve cuffs and V-neck collar are solid black, and the Adidas shoulder stripes are gold with black in between. The Adidas logo on the chest is gold with a black outline, and the club crests are rendered in black and gold.

Courtesy @MLS / Twitter

The backs of the jerseys are solid black, with each club’s usual training jersey sponsor logo in gold across the shoulders. Written above the logo on the back collar in Portuguese is the phrase “SEM CONFIANÇA NÃO HÁ NADA” (“Without confidence, there is nothing”).

MLS clubs will wear the Love Unites jerseys during warmups for matches throughout June.