NATO Leaders Praise Biden As His Leadership Looks Irreplaceable

NATO leaders are praising President Biden and, in the process, destroying the myth that the President is replaceable with any other Democrat.

BBC reported on Keir Starmer’s comments:

Asked whether the president was senile, as an increasing number of people are implying, Sir Keir answered “no”, and praised the president’s understanding during their bilateral meeting.

The prime minister said his US counterpart had “shown incredible leadership”.

Sir Keir said Mr Biden had been “across all the detail”, adding that they had “gone at pace through a number of the issues”.
“We covered a lot of ground – strategic ground, international stuff, not just Ukraine.
“He was on good form.”

Here is the Ukraine’s Foreign Minister praising Biden:

There is a myth among Democrats that want Biden replaced, that they can replace 50 years of foreign policy experience, and the relationships that President Biden has built with any Democrat. The idea as floated by George Clooney, for example, that Democrats can pick any governor from their party with no international experience and have their prepared to lead the world’s democracies as Ukraine hangs in the balance and authoritarianism is on the rise is both absurd and incredibly foolish.

Biden just can’t be replaced. As the comments from the NATO leaders demonstrate, much of what Biden brings with him is irreplicable, and the disconnect between the Democratic hysteria and the international reality has never been more stark.

Jason Easley
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