Reddit Adds New Options to Improve Its Ask Me Anything Sessions

Reddit’s “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) sessions have long been one of the most popular elements of the app, and now, Reddit’s looking to make AMAs easier to both run and promote, with a range of dedicated updates for hosting AMA chat sessions.

First off, Reddit’s adding AMA scheduling, which will make it easier to plan your AMA session.

Reddit AMA updates

As you can see in this example, now, Redditors will be able to choose “AMA” as a post type within the scheduling flow (on desktop), enabling you to better plan out your interview session ahead of time.

As explained by Reddit:

Previously, users would have to create two separate posts to signal an AMA, one sharing when it was planned for and one when it began. With the new AMA rolling out on desktop, and coming soon to mobile apps, a user can start immediately or set a start time up to 21 days in advance.

That’ll also better enable Redditors to build hype for their upcoming session, by providing preview links for their AMA at a coming date.

On that front, Reddit’s also adding a “Remind Me” button next to AMA posts, which will see interested users sent a push notification 24 hours before the AMA, as well as right before it begins.

Reddit AMA updates

That’ll help to maximize attendance, and spread the word about the session.

AMA hosts will also now be able to add guest collaborators, with up to five guests able to answer questions within an AMA session. So if you have an AMA with, say, a K-Pop band (which tend to have a heap of members), each individual will now be able to respond via their own profile in the AMA.

Well, so long as there are only five of them, of course.

Reddit’s also adding new end notes, to make it clear when the AMA session has finished.

Reddit AMA updates

As you can see in this example, AMA hosts will also be able to share links to other social channels within these end notes, so that attendees can learn more after the AMA has concluded.

And finally, Reddit’s also adding the option to sort AMA comments by “Answered” and “Unanswered,” making it easier to see what was actually shared in the interview session.

These are good updates, which will increase the utility of Reddit’s AMA process, while also providing more ways for users to maximize their AMA sessions in the app.

And again, with AMA sessions always being among Reddit’s top performing posts of the year, it is a valuable and important element of the app’s growth.

You can read more about Reddit’s AMA updates here.