REPORT: Fewer Americans See Climate Change as a ‘Serious Problem’ After Three Years of Biden’s Awful Presidency | The Gateway Pundit

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Fewer people see climate change as a ‘serious problem’ today compared to three years ago, according to new polling.

This is easy to understand. Climate change is a luxury problem. People tend to care less about an issue like climate change when they’re constantly worried about how they’re going to put food on the table, pay their mortgage, or put gas in their car.

For the last three years under Biden, Democrats have rushed to push as many climate change related policies as possible, as Americans across the country suffered with much more urgent problems.

The Hill reports:

Fewer Americans see climate change as very serious problem: Survey

Fewer Americans today see climate change as a “very serious” problem than they did three years ago, according to a new survey released Monday.

The Monmouth University poll, conducted on April 18-22 shows a 10-point decline in Americans who says climate change is a “very serious” problem, falling from 56 percent in September 2021 to 46 percent in April.

The decline was less steep overall – with 66 percent describing climate change as a problem that’s either “very serious” or “somewhat serious.” That’s down from 2021, when 70 percent of respondents described the climate change problem as either “very serious” or “somewhat serious.”

Patrick Murray, director of the independent Monmouth University Polling Institute, attributed this trend to a decline in urgency among Americans.

“Most Americans continue to believe climate change is real. The difference in these latest poll results is a decline in a sense of urgency around this issue,” Murray said.

The decline in urgency can be seen most acutely among young people – who have historically viewed climate change as a “very serious” problem at significantly higher rates than other age groups.

It’s also important to note that we have been hearing about this forever.

People are more worried about the border and the economy. It’s only natural.