Smart Script in iPadOS 18 will clear up your handwriting when utilizing an Apple Pencil

Apple announced at WWDC 2024 on Monday that iPadOS 18 will include a new “Smart Script” feature that will clean up your handwriting when using an Apple Pencil to write in Notes.

With Smart Script, Apple says it’s making handwriting your notes even smoother and straighter. The feature improves the appearance of your writing as you write by using on-device machine learning to recreate your handwriting from your notes. You’ll see your own handwriting, just smoother and more legible.

The feature will also quickly fix mistakes so you can stay in your writing flow.

You can paste text into Notes to have it appear in your own handwriting. If you need to add to something you have already written, you can tap and hold with your Apple Pencil to create more space. If you want to erase something, you can just scribble over it.

Apple also announced on Monday that it would be bringing the Calculator app to iPad.