Stephen Colbert Exhibits That Trump Has No Concept How Abortion Works

Stephen Colbert identified all of Trump’s flip-flops on abortion and identified that the ex-president appears to don’t know how abortion works.

Colbert stated:

Trump hasn’t precisely been a north star on this challenge. The truth is, over the past 25 years, his place on abortion has shifted 13 occasions. “I’m pro-choice. I’m pro-choice not. I’m pro-choice. I’m…pro-choice not. Oh! Oh! You know, you know, flower, you kind of look like a pretty lady. You want to make $130,000?” Apparently… Trump apparently additionally has no clue how abortion works.

Trump stated,  “It must be remembered that the Democrats are the radical ones on this position, because they support abortion up to and even beyond the ninth month.” 

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Colbert stated, “It’s true! It’s true. Way beyond. It’s true. I know a lady. She was nine months pregnant, went to the hospital. The doctor yelled push and then she comes out and get this — wasn’t pregnant anymore. Who did it? I bet it was that tiny little guy in the bassinet. Where’d he come from? He’s probably an immigrant. He’s got no I.D. On him, and frankly, folks, he’s speaking a language no one’s ever heard of.” I feel it was Chinese language. I feel it was Chinese language. He goes goo goo gai pan.”


We are able to abortion to the rising checklist of issues that Trump doesn’t perceive. The checklist consists of tariffs, mild bulbs, bogs, army service, charity, marital vows, healthcare, having a job the place the boss isn’t your dad, and NATO.

Trump doesn’t perceive, however the man who thinks that abortions can occur after infants are born is similar one who put three justices on the Supreme Court docket who overturned Roe.

Donald Trump shouldn’t be within the White Home, and he ought to most likely additionally not be left house alone unsupervised or allowed to the touch the range.

That is the man who seems to be operating the Republican Social gathering into the bottom as a result of he took freedom away from a majority of the American folks, and he’s spending his time attempting to determine how he can blame another person.

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