Sunny Hostin Will get Reality-check from ‘The View’ Co-hosts After Linking Photo voltaic Eclipse and Earthquake to Local weather Change: ‘Earthquakes Happen Underground, It Cannot Be Local weather Change’ (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit

Screenshot: The View/Youtube

Simply whenever you thought The View couldn’t get any dumber.

On Monday’s episode of ABC’s ‘The View,’ co-host Sunny Hostin was fact-checked by her co-hosts after she recommended {that a} vary of unrelated pure phenomena have been indicators of local weather change.

The section started with co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin, former White Home communications director and present co-host, referencing the uncommon incidence of a photo voltaic eclipse and a latest earthquake in New York Metropolis, noting that these occasions had sparked a flurry of end-of-the-world conspiracies on-line.

“So, what’s kind of crazy is with the earthquake on Friday and then the eclipse today, people are having all sorts of conspiracies about the end of the world,” stated Griffin.

“And then I read online that the earthquake epicenter was actually at Bedminster in New Jersey. Fun fact – it originated with Trump.”

Sunny Hostin then shared a private story about her studio make-up artist’s response to the earthquake, saying, “Jesus is coming” and “the rapture is here,” humorously noting the panic it had precipitated backstage.

Hostin added, “The cicadas are on their way,” articulating the time period as ‘sick-ah-duhs.’ Goldberg corrected her, “Cicadas,” choosing the pronunciation ‘sick-cay-duhs.’

“This is the first occurrence in nearly a century,” Hostin added, searching for to validate her assertion.

“No, no, no. There are two different kinds of cicadas. It happens every 17 years,” Goldberg interjected.

Regardless of the hiccup, Hostin tried to attach the emergence of cicadas, the photo voltaic eclipse, and the earthquake to local weather change.

“All those things together, would maybe lead one to believe that either climate change exists, or something is really going on,” Hostin stated. 

Co-host Pleasure Behar immediately challenged Hostin’s linking of the earthquake to local weather change, emphasizing that seismic exercise happens underground and is unrelated to the planet’s local weather.

“Except earthquakes are not at the mercy of climate change. It’s underground. It can’t,” Behar stated.

“No, it happens,” Goldberg stated. “And the eclipse, they’ve known about the eclipse coming because eclipses happen, and they actually can say when these things are going to happen.”

“All these folks who are saying that it’s a sign from God… God doesn’t give you warning. Do you think he gave people at the Tower of Babel a warning? Like, ‘Oh, I’m about to jack you all up’?” Goldberg added.