The Trump Cross Examination Of Stormy Daniels Destroys His Own Defense

Trump claims that he never had sex with Stormy Daniels, but his own lawyer asked Daniels if the sex was consensual.

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George Conway is in the courtroom and he posted:

Necheles now crossing Stormy to establish that the sex she didn’t have with Trump was voluntary. Got it.

Necheles finally asks the one question she should have asked on this cross: whether Stormy had knowledge about what Trump did in connection with the hush-money transaction. Literally this should have been a five-minute cross, focused on that single proposition.

Stormy: “I know nothing about his business records.”

That’s literally all the defense really needed to establish from this witness.

What a self-inflicted wound by the defense.

There was also this exchange about the NDA:

Q: You have no personal knowledge about his involvement in that transaction or what he did or didn’t do?
A: Not directly, no.
Q: You didn’t negotiate the NDA with Trump?
A: No, through my attorney.
Q: Cohen paid you, not Trump?

Trump own legal team admits he lied about the affair, which suggests that the jurors can’t believe any argument made by Trump because he has already lied to them. There is no coherant strategy visible in Trump’s legal defense. Trump’s lawyers seem to be performing for their client.

It looks like the entire Trump defense might be that Michael Cohen paid Stormy Danies on his own and Trump had nothing to do with it, but if that is the case, why did Trump never express displeasure with what Cohen did? Why did Trump pay Cohen back the hush money plus more, and then cook the books to lie about why the payment was made.

Donald Trump’s defense makes no sense, and it doesn’t seem to be the fault of his attorneys.

The evidence is still pointing strongly to Trump being guilty.

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