‘They Take Me to Court docket on BULLSH*T!” – President Trump Calls Out Joe Biden for His ILLEGAL LAWFARE Cases Against Trump for Purposes of Election Interference | The Gateway Pundit

President Trump didn’t maintain again in his newest assertion on Joe Biden’s felony lawfare circumstances in opposition to him. The Biden administration has been coordinating with far left prosecutors to convey down Trump and keeped him locked up in courtroom through the 2024 election cycle.

Trump rightly condemns Biden for these efforts and calls these efforts by the Biden regime, “Bullsh*t!”

The Biden administration is utilizing Marxist techniques in an apparent try and destroy their opposition – one thing we’ve seen repeated in banana republics and third world nations.

Because of Democrats, that is now a well-liked tactic of the unconventional left in America immediately.

President Trump: At what level are the actions of a sitting President utilizing lawfare and weaponization in opposition to his opponent for functions of election interference thought-about unlawful?

I imagine, as do numerous extremely revered authorized students, that Crooked Joe Biden has lengthy since crossed over that very sacred threshold. He’s a felony. He’s a horrible President. He’s the worst President within the historical past of our nation. And the one means he thinks he can get elected is to take me to trials, take me to courts, metropolis, state, and federal. They management all of them.

All of those circumstances that you simply’re studying about are Crooked Joe Biden’s case as a result of he can’t put two sentences collectively. He can’t do something. In order that they weaponize authorities, and so they take me to courtroom on ‘bullshit.’

So we’re going to win. We’re going to win large. We’re going to undergo these horrible Biden trials. And on the finish of the day, November fifth, everybody’s popping out to vote for Trump. Thanks very a lot.