TikTok Announces New Strategy Summit for SMBs

May is National Small Business Month in the U.S., and TikTok is looking to mark the occasion by running a new Small Business Summit, a one-day event that’ll feature a range of creators, internal experts and SMB owners, who’ll share their insights into how to maximize your TikTok presence.

TikTok Take Off Summit

Though the event is not actually being held in May. So it’s not really part of Small Business Month?

Either way, TikTok’s “Takeoff” small business summit will be held on June 11th, via a virtual event that anybody can attend.

As per TikTok:

If you’re curious about the success small businesses have seen on TikTok, or if you’re interested in marketing your business on TikTok but don’t know where to start, this is just the event for you.”

TikTok says that the event will feature industry leaders, who’ll share their secrets to help maximize your return on investment in the app, creative experts who’ll provide tips on developing quick and effective TikTok clips, and entrepreneurs who are already finding success in the app, who’ll share their strategies.

There’ll also be networking opportunities, while attendees will also get access to exclusive tools, offers, and advice.

It could be worth tuning in, and while some may be hesitant to build more reliance on TikTok, given that it’s facing a sell-off bill, and potential ban, in the U.S., there may still be opportunity heading into this holiday season, at the least.

And I still suspect that a deal will be struck to keep the app around long-term.

You can find out more about TikTok’s Takeoff Summit and register to attend here.