Utah NHL Team Releases 20 Possible Names, Fan Vote Begins – SportsLogos.Net News

Utah’s new NHL franchise has released its list of twenty team names it is considering for its inaugural 2024-25 season.

Fans can vote for up to four of the twenty finalists on their ballot but can only cast one ballot. Voting starts tonight and will conclude after two weeks on May 22nd.

The twenty options listed in the poll are:

Utah Black Diamonds, Utah Blast, Utah Blizzard, Utah Canyons, Utah Caribou, Utah Freeze, Utah Frost, Utah Fury, Utah Glaciers, Utah HC, Utah Hive, Utah Ice, Utah Mammoth, Utah Mountaineers, Utah Outlaws, Utah Powder, Utah Squall, Utah Swarm, Utah Venom, and Utah Yeti

You’ve got a healthy mix of skiing, mountains, winter, and bees in there.

There will be a second round of voting, the team said, which I assume will consist of the top vote-getters from the first round.

Other bits of information released by the team tonight — regardless of the name chosen, the team will wear uniforms that simply read UTAH across the front for the 2024-25 season. The team’s colours, logo, mascot, and uniforms will all be developed over the next year, ready for debut during their second season in 2025-26.

Earlier, the team announced they are working on their new identity with Brooklyn design agency Doubleday and Cartwright, who has worked with pro sports teams such as the Brooklyn Nets, Detroit Pistons, Chicago Fire, and LA Dodgers, among others, according to the portfolio on their website.

If you want to cast your ballot for the new Utah NHL team name, you can do so right here. Remember, only one ballot per person and voting closes on May 22, 2024.