WATCH: Unlawful Alien Lists All of the Issues New York Metropolis is Giving Him for FREE — and it is Surprising | The Gateway Pundit

YouTuber Nick Shirley has posted a man-on-the-street interview with an unlawful alien in New York, who detailed the stunning quantity of products and companies he has acquired at taxpayers’ expense.

The interview begins with Shirley asking the migrant how lengthy he has been staying on the Watson Resort, and if he needed to pay for it.

“Two months. … No, no, we don’t pay. It is totally free. It is a help that the state gives us,” the migrant says, in Spanish.

The migrant additionally particulars the “good service” he’s given on the lodge, together with free “breakfast, lunch, dinner, everything.”

“Do you also receive insurance for medications?” Shirley asks.

“Yes, they are in charge of doing all that. In fact, they process Medicaid,” the migrant says.

The migrant continued to elucidate that he was supplied with free legal professionals and that starting the method of making use of for asylum was additionally free.

The migrant and his household have baggage with them, so Shirley asks the place they’re heading.

“Well now we’re heading towards … in fact, we asked for the tickets, and they also give it free, and now we are going to Arizona. To Phoenix, Arizona,” the person states.

“And they gave you that for free?” Shirley asks.

“Yes, it’s free. Free. The flight is completely free. We are leaving because here in New York, as we know, it has collapsed,” the person says.

“There inside the hotel, did they coordinate all this?” Shirley asks.

“Yes, they coordinated all this,” the migrant says.

Watch Shirley’s full documentary right here: