Lil Nas X apology for music video could possibly be a ‘step in the proper route’: Christian rapper

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Lil Nas X’s apology for his latest “J Christ” video could possibly be a real admission of guilt, Christian rapper and instructor Dee-1 argued.

Lil Nas X’s music video and its accompanying promotion featured spiritual imagery, together with a portrayal of the rapper as Jesus Christ on the cross, which instantly prompted criticism from many Christians who interpreted it as “mocking” and “disrespecting” Christianity. Following its launch on Jan. 12, the rapper issued an apology on his Instagram account insisting that he didn’t imply to assault Christians.

“I know I messed up really bad this time. I can act unbothered all I want, but it’s definitely taken a mental toll on me,” Lil Nas X stated. “I’m not some evil demon guy trying to destroy everybody’s values and stuff like that. That’s not me.”

Although Dee-1 remarked that whereas he must see Lil Nas X’s actions to search out whether or not he’s honest, he at present has “no reason to believe” that the apology was not real.

Lil Nas X holding Bible

Lil Nas X admitted that he “messed up really bad” concerning his newest music video. (Picture by John Nacion/WireImage)


“We have to see it in his actions before we believe him, but I feel like it’s equally as important to show our love to people the same way we would want Christ to show love to us when we express sorrow or we express remorse for our actions that we may have reflected on and been like ‘that wasn’t right,’ or ‘I could have done better,’” he stated to Fox News Digital.

Extra importantly, he famous that it was “very telling” that Lil Nas X’s report label, Columbia Information, had not made any remark concerning the video.

“They didn’t come out and apologize. You know what I mean? They allowed for this music video. They paid for the music video. I guarantee you, they paid for the music video. They paid for the marketing and the promotion of this whole campaign. But they are not the ones coming out and apologizing if they offended any Christians,” Dee-1 stated.

He added, “So let’s think about what message that sends about what the music industry is okay with in terms of messaging that may be offensive to Christians. And I am a Christian, but I think that the music industry has shown that they don’t have an issue with that.”


Christian rapper Dee-1 criticized Lil Nas X’s video, although he hoped that the controversial rapper might change his methods. (Getty Pictures)


Dee-1 hoped that the apology could possibly be an indication for the rapper “to make sense of all of this” and transfer ahead.

“With that being said, our sins are still forgiven, you know? Each time we go and we repent. And of course, we have to be sincere about our repentance. So that’s the point where, God will judge the sincerity. But from where I stood and looking at all the factors in the situation, I wanted to show him and extend the olive branch of saying, I see you, and I see the Act of contrition and you expressing that you didn’t mean to offend Christians and showing sorrow for that,” he stated.

Dee-1 famous that he has each criticized and appealed to Lil Nas X on his personal Instagram account, beforehand attacking the music video for selling satanic imagery in a approach that was “happening consistently” with him.

“These people are watching you play with God,” Dee-1 stated in a video on Sunday.

Dee-1 and Lil Nas X

Dee-1 spoke to Fox Information Digital about whether or not Lil Nas Xs apology could possibly be thought of real. (Picture By: Will Heath/NBC/NBCU Picture Financial institution by way of Getty Pictures)


Following Lil Nas X’s apology, Dee-1 wrote one other Instagram put up that known as it “a step in the right direction” and hoped that it signaled “a shift is happening” in hip-hop tradition.

Lil Nas X has been related with demonic imagery prior to now. In 2021, he collaborated on Devil-themed sneakers that featured a pentagram and inverted cross that reportedly contained 60 CCs of pink ink blended with a drop of human blood within the sole of the shoe. There have been solely 666 pairs made accessible.

Fox Information’ Kendall Tietz contributed to this report.